Zocor And High Blood Pressure

One does not normally associate Zocor and high blood pressure. However there is some evidence that blood pressure is affected by Zocor and other statins.

What Is Zocor?

Zocor (generic name: simvastatin) is a drug prescribed for lowering cholesterol. Zocor reduces LDL (bad cholesterol) as well as total serum cholesterol. High cholesterol (along with high triglycerides) is associated with atherosclerosis buildup and the development of coronary heart disease. Coronary heart disease can lead to a number of serious conditions including… But there is a secondary, beneficial connection between Zocor and high blood pressure.

Zocor And High Blood Pressure?

The positive connection between Zocor and high blood pressure is shared by other statins as well. A 6-month study at the University of California San Diego demonstrated a small yet significant decrease in blood pressure associated with statin use.

The study included 1,016 men and women without known heart disease. All of the participants had high LDL levels. Half of the participants were randomly assigned either Zocor or Pravachol. The rest were given a placebo.

After about one month of treatment the participants taking either statin drug experienced a small but significant drop in blood pressure. When the treatment was discontinued blood pressure returned to its previous levels.

Statins And CoQ10

The relationship between Zocor and high blood pressure is an important bonus to the cholesterol lowering benefits of statin treatment. But there is a downside. Though statin drugs are proven to lower cholesterol they also interfere with CoQ10 synthesis.

CoQ10 is an important coenzyme that is necessary for the production of cellular energy. Large organs – like the heart – require sufficient energy to perform. A lack of cellular energy is one factor in the development of congestive heart failure. In fact...

Many studies have demonstrated that low levels of CoQ10 are frequently found in patients with advanced heart failure.
Many of these same studies have demonstrated a positive correlation between CoQ10 supplementation and reduced risk of heart failure.

Natural Substances For Your Heart Health

If your doctor has prescribed statins to bring down your cholesterol then it is important that you follow through. But don’t stop there. Consider taking a quality CoQ10 supplement. Make sure you get enough of this effective coenzyme. It is necessary for the production of cellular energy and it is a very potent antioxidant. You can learn more about this important substance by reading the CoQ10 section.

There are two more important natural substances that you should consider adding to your heart health efforts. The first is well known in the heart health arena.


Omega-3 has been shown to significantly reduce triglycerides. Remember high triglycerides also promote coronary heart disease. In fact…
The American Heart Association recommends Omega-3 supplements for anyone with high triglycerides or documented coronary heart disease.
What many people don’t know is Omega-3 also has been shown to have a positive effect on blood pressure. You can use the links below to learn more.

Omega-3 and Triglycerides
Omega-3 and Coronary Heart Disease
Omega-3 and Blood Pressure

Fish Peptides

A lesser known naturally occurring substance is fish peptides. Fish peptides have ACE inhibiting properties similar to those of ACE inhibiting drugs. ACE inhibitors are not for everyone. However, if ACE inhibitors help you keep your blood pressure low you will want to investigate fish peptides as a natural alternative to drug therapy.

Fish Peptides and Blood Pressure

If your blood pressure is high it should concern you. Long-term high blood pressure can do irreparable harm to the heart and cardiovascular system. If your doctor has prescribed medication for hypertension then you need to listen. But there are natural alternatives that can help keep your blood pressure down.

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