Statins not the wonder drug they claim

by Charles
(Derbyshire, UK)

I have been on statins for years as I had high-ish cholesterol. I have lived with the muscle cramps etc. These have become worse lately. The doctor gave me naproxene for the pain (I looked it up and essentially this is feminax). I couldn't sleep at all, and flipped into a suicidal mood, feeling that I couldn't bear these pains any longer. My mood was not entirely rational. The doctor has today taken me off simvastatin, saying that the drug leeches into the brain, and that I need to detox before trying one of the newer statins that don't have this effect.

Just be aware that when you feel well, and start taking a preventive wonder drug, there is a lot of profit for someone - ask yourself why take a drug on doctor's advice, when you don't need to? And look up "iatrogenic disease" in a medical dictionary - disease caused by medical intervention.

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May 13, 2011
i hear you
by: ruth

..and to continue my odyssey with statins....i no longer take them. i will take my chances regards to my hi ch. count..i feel i can do this as my good ch. is good and i have very normal try g's.
but what i have done is experiment. i decided to take coq10 for a while. ya know i do believe i felt better. so i continued taking them and then went completely OFF them for about one week. I felt a little "off" so i decided to go back on it.
here i am 3 days later and i do believe i'm feeling a little better.will update regarding coq10 for muscle pain...will be getting my blood work done shortly for ch count. have decided the doc will have to tie me down and force feed ch med if he wants me on it!!!

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