Statins Are Very Dangerous

by Ravi Singh
(Trinidad & Tobago)

I was put on Crestor 10 mg for a period of 3 months to lower my triglycerides (399) and LDL (295), along with exercise and diet. As soon as I started taking this poison (Crestor 10 mg) I started to get depressed, joint pains, muscles pain, problems to fall asleep, tiredness, and very weak (symptoms last all day every day).

So I told my doctor about the side effects and he switched me to Lipitor 40 mg because he said that it was weaker than the Crestor 10 mg. Then I decided to stop and see if it was the statin causing the problems and within 1 week I began to get my life back. Even though I am off the drug I still suffer from muscle and joint pain after being off it for 2 months.

I retested my triglycerides after the first dose and it did lower it to 215 but it was too much suffering to continue with it, so I am exercising, watching what I eat and taking omega 3,6,9, and CoQ10 to help with the muscle pain and the high triglycerides. I still need to lower it because it went back up to 285 and I really don't want to go back to taking those statin drugs with the terrible side effects.

So if anyone can help please send me some help at


Ravi Singh

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