Site Build It Review:
Evaluating Site Build It
For Building Niche Websites

My First Look at Site Build It

When I first looked at Site Build It I did so at the recommendation of a friend. Since he was just starting out he didn’t have a track record. So I was sort of on my own. After spending a couple of days reading through their website 3 features stuck out.

  • One was an approach
  • One was a guide
  • One was a tool
There is a whole list of other features that have since changed the way I do business forever. But these three things grabbed my attention first.

An Approach

Ken Evoy – SBI’s founder - put together a process that he was sharing with the world. It is known as C-T-P-M. It stands for: Content > Traffic > PREsell > Monetize.

Most people’s understanding of putting together a business website begins with selling. It was how I understood it. Consequently they do very little of it. But Ken stresses the need to…

Begin with Content.
Content is the reason you go to the web. It is the reason I go to the web. It is the reason everybody does. To get people’s attention you must give them what they want. Give before you ask anything. Then – and only then - by providing great content you…
Attract Traffic.

And if your content is worth reading you will be able to attract quality traffic for free. People will come because you are giving them what they are looking for.

What do you do with this traffic? Sell them? No. Your content does more than inform.

It also Pre-sells.

All of us come to the web expecting to be sold. Instead quality content tears down our barriers and warms us into a willing-to-buy mood. How does good content do that? It builds trust.

Good content demonstrates that you are interested in your prospects and are willing to invest in them. It also demonstrates that you know what you are talking about. So when you do make a recommendation people are a lot more open to listening. They know you aren’t just after a quick sale. You are building a relationship.

Your recommendations are part of…

Your monetization model.

That is the place where your prospects spend money. They do it because they trust the expert you have demonstrated yourself to be.

This 4-step approach is what so many successful internet marketers do. And Ken puts it in an understandable format and lays it out in…

A Guide

This model made sense to me but I didn’t know what to do with it. Until I stumbled upon the Action Guide. It is a 10-day guide Ken created taking you through the whole process of building a website that brings the Content > Traffic > PREsell > Monetize model to life.

The Action Guide is not just a manual on how to get through the technology of building a site. It fleshes out a whole philosophy for building a successful business site… one-step-at-a-time. And Ken doesn’t just make this guide available for SBI subscribers. It is available to anyone. So I downloaded the whole Action Guide and stayed up at night and worked through it.

No matter what stage of building a site you are in – especially if you don’t know where to begin - you should read the Action Guide. Or you can watch it in video format. Either way it is a must.

Click here to access the Site Build It Action Guide

The third thing that grabbed my attention was…

A Tool

You need a lot of tools to build a successful website. SBI has a whole arsenal. Some of them I haven’t even used yet. But there is one tool that especially sold me on SBI. It is…

Brain Storm It

The best way to succeed in internet marketing is to identify a niche that you love or know something about. But you also must know how popular and competitive the niche is. Brain Storm It is a tool you will use over and over again to target your market and create the content your prospects want.

Essentially it is a keyword research tool that is powered by Wordtracker (which is not cheap but is included free with SBI subscription). You type in a keyword and press a button. In a moment or two a whole list of associated words come back with demand and supply data in an analysis format.

The supply numbers are a bit more sophisticated than those calculated by other tools. The supply is based on an algorithm that determines how many pages are actually about that topic. Other tools I’ve seen only report the number of pages that mention the keyword. This difference makes SBI’s profitability calculations much more useful.

As I mentioned SBI includes a whole arsenal of tools with its subscription. I will mention a few more in a moment. But first I wanted to let you see…

What Other Normal (and Some Not-So-Normal) People Think about SBI

There are thousands of average people who have succeeded with SBI. Many of them failed in earlier attempts because they set out without a good system. This really caught my attention since I did not have a clue where to begin. I chose 3 videos that I like...

Elad from has build out an entire niche around parties and costumes:

Jaime from turns her passion for home décor into a work-from-home business:

I included this one of Ashley from because it is funny:

Besides having some fun each of these folks has turned a passion into a business. If none of these stories resonates with you there are many others. Spend some time reading what others have done. It may spark an idea for you.

Click here to see more success stories by those who are doing what they love.

More Tools

I said I wanted to come back and mention a few tools that are included with your SBI subscription that are essential to your success.

For Starters...

We already talked about the Brain Storm It tool. As far as I have seen this tool is unique in its ability to return statistics necessary for targeting the right niche and laying out the best subject matter for your pages. If used properly with the Site Build It Action Guide it will help you get the all-important "C" (Content) part of the equation right.

Like other hosting companied SBI includes domain name registration and site hosting as part of the price. But it also includes a block-by-block editor for building professional looking pages without any technical knowledge.

Even though I can write HTML I don’t like to. It is too time consuming. What I have a problem with is design. I am missing the "artistic" gene. SBI includes what it calls Look and Feel tools and plenty of pre-built templates. They can be customized by changing graphics and parts of the design.

However, if you like to use other tools like Dreamweaver and PhotoShop you can. I have done this and the pages are easy to upload and edit. SBI is completely compatible with other design tools. But the block-by-block editor makes most designers happy.

SBI has its own Name Park It module which allows you to reserve domain names and unlimited sub-domains for later use. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry. It isn’t important on the front end. But as your site develops it could be very important to you. Just know you don’t have to go anywhere else for that service.

Blogging is a big deal these days. SBI includes two blogging tools. The first is Automated Blogging. Essentially it turns your web pages into blog entries. Every time you create or update a page a new blog entry is created. It happens in the background.

There is also a Regular Blogging feature. If you want to take the time to create your own blog entries with blog software like WordPress it can be plugged into your SBI site.

Watch the Traffic

Without traffic your web business is dead. There is no such thing as walk-by traffic on the internet. That is why we begin with creating attractive content.

But you still need more than customer pleasing content to get traffic. You have to please the search engines too.

SEO (search engine optimization) is key to getting your pages listed by the search engines. SBI’s Analyze It tool makes this relatively easy. Every page you build is analyzed before uploading. This has been a very valuable tool for me. The Analyze It tool suggests changes to make to each page so it is more likely to rank well with the search engines.

Once a page is created or edited the search engines need to know. When a search engine drops a page (it happens) the page needs to be resubmitted. But you don’t want to submit too often. SBI has algorithms for this so you never have to worry about it. It happens without you even knowing it.

Tracking is also important. It is helpful to know when the search engines send their spiders to visit your pages. SBI captures that data into reports for you. And of course – like most good hosting companies – SBI has reports to let you know how your pages are ranking with the search engines. But unlike other companies SBI suggests what you need to do to your pages to help them rank higher.

Value Exchange is an SBI service that facilitates the exchange of links. Linking with other websites is important for search engine ranking. SBI has a module that helps you plan and carry out your link-exchanging philosophy.

There are other traffic generating services that are included with SBI but these are the ones that are more visible.

Building Relationships

Creating a successful online business is about creating relationships. People normally don’t buy from you the first time they visit your site. Trust must be built first. SBI includes a number of important tools to help you build relationships with your clients.

We already talked about the Blog It module. But you need more. Once you get traffic you will need to stay in touch. That is why electronic newsletters (e-zines) are so popular. SBI includes the Form Build It module for building forms on your web pages so you can collect visitor information. What do you do with this information? Stay in touch. Send a monthly newsletter (e-zine) that you can create through another SBI module.

Then you send out the e-zine – or any other communication – using an auto-responder. It is included at no additional charge.

You also have an unlimited number of email addresses associated with your domain name… free. And you can forward it to Gmail if you like.

Click here for a more thorough listing of SBI tools.

There are a number of valuable tools and resources that SBI makes available for free. Some of these are the tools I mention above. There are also free e-books you can use right now to learn how to write attractive content. To access these free downloads please click here.

A Cool Tool for Last

There are too many tools to list here. (Use the link above to see more.) Not to mention the forums and other support tools you will find invaluable. But there is one more tool I saved for last. It is relatively new and I haven’t seen it anywhere else. Solo Build It calls it Content 2.0.

Content 2.0 is a cutting edge tool that allows your visitors to actually build pages on your website. Blogs allow you to add comments to pages. But Content 2.0 allows your visitors to participate in adding pages to your site. These pages – which you can edit – add value to your readers and increase your site’s value to the search engines.

You build high value content pages that interest your visitors. Then you invite them to add their comments or tell their story or to become engaged in the conversation. Done well with a dash of creativity this has been a huge success for some people.

Is Solo Build It for You?

I don’t know. If you are an experienced web designer who has been successful targeting niche markets then you probably don’t need everything Solo Build It provides. You can still use your development tools like Dreamweaver and upload your own HTML. But if all you want is a place to host your site you can get that cheaper somewhere else.

But if you are looking for more than a hosting service… if you want a system that has been proven successful by hundreds of people who were absolute beginners… then Solo Build It is an excellent choice. For me is has been the absolute best choice.

There is a very helpful video tour available to help you get a sense of the big picture. Click here to watch the video tour. If you have a question you would like to ask the Solo Build It folks you can do that. They are very helpful. Please click here to contact SBI.

Click here to get your SBI website now or take SBI for a test drive.

Solo Build It!

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