Side Effects Of Co Q10

Side Effects Of Co Q10 In High Doses

Considering the side effects of Co Q10 is important because...

Here at Optimal Heart Health one of our primary concerns is the promotion of natural means to support our heart health. Co Q10 has a central role in that. But with all the benefits we have seen it is wise for us to ask about the potential side effects of Co Q10.

To answer that question it is helpful to consider some of the tests that have focused on Co Q10 supplementation. The reason for this is that the levels of Co Q10 used in these studies is usually much higher than the amount many of us take.

For example…

An abstract entitled: "Effects of coenzyme Q10 in early Parkinson disease: evidence of slowing of the functional decline" brought up the question concerning the side effects of Co Q10. The writers had this to say…

Coenzyme Q10 was safe and well tolerated at dosages of up to 1200 mg/day.

By the way the results of the study were as follows…

Less disability developed in subjects assigned to coenzyme Q10 than in those assigned to placebo, and the benefit was greatest in subjects receiving the highest dosage. Coenzyme Q10 appears to slow the progressive deterioration of function in PD, but these results need to be confirmed in a larger study.

The dosages used in this study were much higher than most of us would consider taking. The study showed that Co Q10 was safe at high levels but we are not really given any details. "Well tolerated" does not mean there aren’t any negative effects of Co Q10.

A longer study (6 years) was published concerning 126 patients with dilated cardiomyopathy. This study also showed no harmful side effects of Co Q10.

Again, there were no "harmful" side effects. But were there any at all?

Another study entitled "A randomized, placebo-controlled trial of coenzyme Q10 and remacemide in Huntington's disease" was a little more specific about the side effects of Co Q10.

There was increased frequency of nausea, vomiting, and dizziness with remacemide and increased frequency of stomach upset with coenzyme Q10.

The remacemide used in the study produced the worst side effects while the side effects of Co Q10 were mild.

Other studies have reported minor side effects with Co Q10 usage at high levels. However, usually these "discomforts" could be avoided by taking smaller dosages (not more than 100 mg.) several times a day.

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Side Effects Of Co Q10: Drug Interaction

Co Q10 can act as a blood coagulant. This might be a problem for someone taking a blood thinner such as Coumadin. There have been at least four reported cases where Co Q10 apparently decreased the anticoagulant effects of Coumadin.

If you are taking a blood thinner you should talk to your doctor before taking Co Q10. If warfarin and coenzyme Q10 are to be used together, blood tests to assess clotting time should be monitored frequently, especially in the first two weeks.

Co Q10 and Statins (such as lovastatin and simvastatin) can also have an interaction. However, in this case, the statins are the problem.

While statins have the ability to lower serum cholesterol they also lower serum CO Q10 levels. Since many people are Co Q10 deficient this can be a huge problem. If you are taking statins you will want to consider Co Q10 supplementation.

In short the side effects of Co Q10 are mild and usually present themselves only at high dosages. If you are taking high levels of Co Q10 consider taking smaller doses several times a day to relieve any discomfort.

The important thing to note is that there are no reported cases where Co Q10 supplementation is unsafe. If you watch the drug advertisements on television you will know that many drug companies can not say the same thing.

Unfortunately the side effects of Co Q10 deficiency can be quite serious. To learn more about Co Q10 and heart health…

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