The Renegade Professional in Review:
Considering the Value of
the Renegade Professional

Why Review the Renegade Professional?

If you are here and have not looked at the Renegade University you should do that. It is a free resource that will begin to alter your thinking toward an attraction marketing frame of mind. I don’t need to review it for you since you can look at it yourself for free.

But the Renegade Professional is a paid resource. Therefore you cannot really look at it without paying for it. (Though I believe you can use it for 30 days and get a refund if it isn't for you.)

It is also such an exhaustive resource that it would take a while for you to get a feel for just how powerful it is. So I wanted to give you a preview of what you can expect. And you can better evaluate if it is a valuable resource for you.

Because the Renegade Professional is always growing I must settle for giving you a snapshot of the way it looks now and try to lay out an approach for you.

One caveat… what is known as the Renegade System came out of a desire to attract people to the network marketing industry. Attraction marketing is a very powerful tool for that. But the principles of attraction marketing are not limited to the network marketing industry. If you want to build any kind of an internet business…

You should learn attraction marketing.
That is what the Renegade Professional is all about. And to my knowledge nobody else is doing it like the creators of the Renegade System.

What is the Renegade Professional?

The Renegade Professional is a comprehensive training area for anyone who wants to learn how to attract prospects and customers to their business using the internet. Essentially it is a series of training videos (well over a hundred hours and growing) that provide click-by-click instruction on how to set up an entire web presence designed to draw prospects to you.

When I say it is click-by-click I mean that even people with no prior computer experience can follow the instruction. I have some computer savvy so at times the training seems a little slow. However this approach to training takes the advantage out of the hands of the computer literate and essentially levels the playing field.

Having said that, I do not want to give the impression that the training is basic. The mechanics of using internet tools have become relatively simple. But the instruction on what to do and why we do it is rather advanced, though easy to follow and reproduce.

Other training services often focus on one aspect of internet marketing. Creating a website for example. But the training providing in the Renegade Professional helps even the novice systematically build a web marketing system that uses a much more comprehensive network of tools such as...

  • Free web pages
  • E-zine articles
  • Bookmarking sites
  • Social networking sites
  • Web sites
  • Video marketing
  • Linking strategies
  • SEO optimization
Just to name some of them.

Of course there are many important issues beyond the components mentioned above that are covered in the Professional. But the above is just a sampling.

If you don’t know what any of this means, don’t worry about it now. The instruction available in the Renegade Professional is very clear. If you do know what all this means it may still be unclear to you what all these components have to do with each other. It will be clear if you make use of this training.

The Overall Layout

The Renegade Professional has a main page that catalogues the basic areas of instruction and resources. The most important section is Attraction Marketing. It is the core of the Professional since attraction marketing describes the whole approach that is being taught.

The Attraction Marketing section contains the following subsections:

  • Marketing Tutorials
  • Professionals, Businesses, Non-Profits
  • Lead Capture Pages
  • Banner Ads
  • Resources
The bulk of the training is located under the Marketing Tutorials section. Here you will find video training on…
  • Social Marketing
  • Methods of advertising
  • Attracting prospects on the phone as a consultant (a new approach for network marketing prospecting)
  • Mentoring and retaining leads
  • Creating lead capture pages
  • How to set up sales offers
  • How to write attractive content (a thorough series of lectures that once sold separately)
  • Email marketing
There are many training sessions in each category and some not listed here.

The section you will use the most – especially at first – is the Social Marketing section.

The Social Marketing section contains training on setting up the bulk of your web presence. Except for a few introductory training sessions you will begin here.

Phase 1

The social marketing training is broken into 3 phases. Essentially your training would start in Phase 1 in the upper left hand corner and progress top to bottom and left to right. Of course you will break rank as you focus on particular areas. But this structure allows the new person to have a roadmap when it is not very clear why she is doing each step.

For example, the first tutorials provide instruction on how to create free, easy-to-build web pages using This instruction focuses on how to build a free web page. It gets the new person started in building web content even if it isn’t very good at first.

If you are new your first pages will not draw much traffic. But that doesn’t matter. It gets the new person started in creating web content.

The next section introduces you to writing e-zine articles. (This is one of my favorite methods of building traffic). E-zine articles are used by electronic newsletter producers who don’t want to write their own content. Good articles can bring in highly targeted traffic for months and even years.

The next section – still in phase 1 – is an introduction to social bookmarking. You will learn the importance of, and mechanics of, creating bookmarks. You will learn how to do this even before you understand how it fits into the big picture.

I worked through this section thinking I would never use bookmarking. But as my understanding grew – in Phase 2 - I began to get a vision for its importance. I now use it.

The next section is on using social sites like Facebook and Twitter. You may know what these are but don’t know how they are important to building your web influence. This section will introduce you to that.

The next section – section 5 – introduces you to using blogs and websites. The new internet entrepreneur is introduced to blogging with SquareSpace and Word Press. You will be stepped through the process – click by click – of building a blog. Even if it is not clear why you do this, you are encouraged to do it along with detailed instruction.

There are also more than a dozen training videos on building a website using Site Build It. I was a Site Build It user for some time before the Renegade Professional was even around. I am glad to see them as enthusiastic about Site Build It as I am.

Click here to read my review of Site Build It.

It may be a little early in the process to build a website. But it is not too early to begin studying SBI’s Action Guide. You can learn about that as well in my review.

The final section in Phase 1 is on video marketing. When I first started working through the Renegade Professional training I decided I would skip the video section because I was not comfortable doing it.

But that discomfort keeps a lot of people away from it. Which makes it all the more effective for those of us who do it. I highly recommend you create videos. They draw a lot of traffic. You will be introduced to the mechanics of producing videos here.

Phases 2 and 3

As you move into the second and third phases of the Social Marketing area, you will begin to understand how this network you have begun works together. Don’t get impatient. You most likely will not see many results yet. You are just getting your feet wet.

You can now be a little more discriminating on which areas you will focus on. Phase 2 exposes you to more options and deepens your understanding and proficiency with what you learned in Phase 1.

You will still be creating free web pages but you are introduced to Hub Pages as a supplement to Squidoo. You will learn how to market your Hub pages and how to begin building relationships through leaving comments. (Building relationships is essential to effective web marketing.)

You will learn more about writing effective e-zine articles that are more likely to be found by the search engines and more likely to be published.

You were introduced to bookmarking in Phase 1. In Phase 1 I didn't really understand why I was doing it. Phase 2 makes it clear and shows you how to do it effectively on dozens of bookmarking sites while avoiding the pitfalls that will get you in trouble.

Phase 2 also deepens your understanding of how to us social sites like Facebook, Ningand Twitter for building business relationships and increasing your influence.

You will also learn how to use free as well as paid for tools for producing effective selling and training videos.

Phase 3 contains various videos that help you increase your effectiveness in implementing what you have already learned.

So far I have described the most important areas that will affect your success the most. The other areas are very important as well. But their importance is mainly in supporting and making more effective the marketing activities we have already talked about.

My Experience with the Renegade Professional

As mentioned, I began my internet marketing experience building a website using Site Build It. Site Build It is unique in its approach to helping internet newbies build content rich websites that attract prospects who are interested in what you have to say.

If you are thinking about building a website please see my review of SBI.

It was as I was searching the SBI resources for something on network marketing that I ran across Ann Sieg’s Renegade Network Marketer. It is a controversial e-book that has essentially caused a revolution in breaking away from traditional network marketing prospecting.

The Renegade Professional evolved from this earlier work after Ann joined up with Mike Klingler – a very successful network marketer – who was already using internet attraction marketing methods to build his business.

Essentially the Renegade Professional approaches marketing in the same way SBI does but in a much broader sense. Renegade Professional goes beyond the website – which is the center of your marketing – and helps you build a larger, more far-reaching internet influence.

The final result is that you brand yourself as an expert – the go-to person - for a particular niche.

After reading the suggested introduction material – to get my bearings straight – I began in the top left section of the social marketing training area… just like I was told. Because I had some internet marketing experience I had my pre-disposure to certain things. But I have had enough difficulty to know that I should follow proven leaders even if I didn’t understand everything.

I went through the steps even if I didn’t see their importance for the over-all end result – if there is such a thing. As I moved into Phase 2 – which I did before getting into video marketing – I began to see the importance of things I didn’t see in Phase 1. I didn’t just watch the videos. I did what they told me to do as I was watching.

Some of my earlier work was pretty weak, even though I had past experience to draw from. But I still got some results. As I began to deepen my understanding my work got more targeted.

The Renegade Professional is well structured and the instruction is clear and useful. The hands-on application is especially valuable. If you follow the instructions you will never be just watching. You will be doing. And you will be spending very little money in the process. So many of the resources are free or very cheap.

My only complaint is that some of the instruction is too simple. I understand why it is that way. It allows even the computer illiterate to keep up and become a success. In fact I wonder if the computer illiterate does better because they are better at following instructions than those of us who think we know a thing or two.

But the sloooow parts are probably necessary. I simply do something else on my blog or webpage while I listen.

My overall rating of the Renegade Professional is an A+. I have learned so much from it though I haven’t nearly studied everything in it... yet.

If you are thinking of building an internet business then you should seriously consider the Renegade Professional. Make sure you study the Renegade University first. In my case I purchased the Renegade Professional first and then went back to study the University. I saw the value of it and I wanted to move ahead. But feel free to take your time. Just don’t be inactive.

Again… you will eventually need to build a website. Even if it is not your first step you should do some research now. Read my review of SBI. You can access the Solo Build It Action Guide there which is a tool you will refer to again and again. It is free.

If you want to look at the Renegade Professional now you can use the link below. It will take you to a landing page. The landing page is geared toward the network marketing industry. But it is not about network marketing. Even if you are interested in network marketing it should only be a part of your business.

Your business is much bigger than that. You will learn that in the Renegade Professional as well as in some of Ann Sieg’s works like the Renegade Network Marketer and the Attraction Marketer's Manifesto.

The landing page contains a number of videos by others who have succeeded. Watch some of them. They are informative. Above all… get a vision for what you can do. Click the link below to learn more now.

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