The Right Products
For the Right Challenge

So you are really thinking

Thinking about doing something that could change your life. You have read the 30-Day Challenge and you are thinking it is high time you made a change.

At least I hope you are thinking that. I hope you have read it. I hope you have read the emails that follow it. And I hope that you are seriously considering making a change – that begins with just 30 days – a change that could help you recapture your health.

If you have read the Challenge you know by now that it is not merely a diet to lose weight. You will lose weight if you have extra to lose. But that is not what it is about. It is about a clean diet that removes everything that causes…

  • Inflammation
  • Acidic pH
  • Allergens
  • Irritated Bowels
  • Sugar Imbalance
  • Toxic Overload

And so much more.

It is about removing everything you can that promotes chronic disease, everything that causes your system to not function like it should, to not heal itself. It is about giving your body what it needs and helping it absorb it so it can use it.

It is about regaining your health. Nothing less.

But… you need to have the right products to support your challenge. You need whole food products full of naturally occurring nutrients that will support your body the way it was meant to be supported.

If you think all products are the same then I don’t think the Challenge is for you. But if you think the Challenge is worth doing then you need the right fuel… the right products.

Please use the form below to download the 30-Day Challenge Product List. It is more than a list. It is an explanation of why each product is the your best choice to make the challenge everything it can be for you. 

It will tell you what products we recommend and why. It will describe the main components of each product and some of the benefits these components provide.

And as a bonus we give you links to three videos that will reinforce the importance of taking the challenge. These videos were made for people already on the Challenge. You will find them informative and stimulating.

Don’t miss these videos.

Simply fill out the form below and download your copy of the 30-Day Challenge Product List.

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