Problems with Fish Oil

by Donna
(central Florida)

My problem is that I am ALLERGIC to fish and fish oil. I am now 71 and even as a tiny baby, fought tooth and toenail with anyone trying to use any fish oil on me. I get very ill from fish (and imitation crab that was hidden in food) made me extremely ill. Now Smart Balance is putting fish oil into almost all of their products, and I am finding it in milk. BUT, everyone keeps telling me that I MUST eat fish...

What are those of us who are allergic to fish supposed to do? I do take flax oil. We eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit; we limit our meat intake to under 6 ounces a day (some days none), we use whole grains and multi-grains. I also have a family history of high triglycerides, and am using red yeast rice capsules and CoQ10 with it which has reduced my cholesterol level 10 points in 2 1/2 months and improved the HDL but the triglycerides increased. I have numerous drug allergies.

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