Organic Ground Flaxseed

by Tona
(Nashville, TN)

I have never been able to eat seafood, and have always been concerned about getting Omega 3's. I am unable to tolerate any of the "oil" liqui-gel capsules (fish oil, burpless fish oil, flaxseed, etc). I did some research and discovered that walnuts and organic ground flaxseed can provide all the Omega 3 I need. I can eat and digest both of these easily - and they both taste good!

I just sprinkle about 1 1/2 tablespoons of the ground flaxseed on my cereal every morning (you can just barely taste a little bit of mild nutty flavor). Also, when I have a salad for dinner at home, I sprinkle on some walnuts.

The flaxseed must be ground because the whole seeds pass through your system before your body can absorb the Omega 3. For anybody like me that has been looking for a way to get Omega 3's this is it!

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