Omega-3 Excess?

by Mr. Polemid
(West Deptford NJ)

I have been taking a product to supplement my need for omega-3. I have high cholesterol and have used the product in high dosage to help reduce bad LDL and increase good HDL, which it seems to have worked for me as indicated by my blood work-up.

For the last 3-5 years I have consumed on average 25-30 grams per day. Each packet contains EPA (350) DHA (230) and I take 12 to 16 packets divided up throughout the day.

However, many years later I now suffer from peripheral neuropathy disease. I have not been diagnosed with PAD or type-2 diabetes.

I have not been able to connect the dots yet, but I have discontinued use of omega-3 supplementation at this time. I am 56 years of age, male and have been an avid weight lifter for many years. I understand that the American diet is flooded with omega-6 and I gave little thought to any in-balance.

I write this to help remind anybody who is supplementing with high dose omega-3 to give careful consideration to how much they consume daily.

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Feb 25, 2010
by: Rob S. - Chicago

You probably developed this nervous system disorder due to the quality of fish oil capsules youi were consuming for years.

You wrote that you were taking up to 15 fish oil capsules a day. That is really a lot !

Consider that not all producers of this supplement make enough effort to purify it and eliminate mercury. High intake of mercury rather than omega-3 itself might contributed to the development of your new condition.

That is why it is really important to choose the product which is mercury free or use prescription omega-3 like Lovanza which is pure omega 3 fatty acids.

Best for you

Robert S.

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