Omega-3 and Fishy Burps

by David Harris
(Oroville, CA, USA)

I wanted to say something about Omega-3 and its source. I am a diabetic, recently put onto insulin, with massively high cholesterol and also high triglycerides and high sugar levels. I’m not talking high as in the 200s, I’m talking high as in 900 for cholesterol and 900 for triglycerides too.

Today I was told to cut red meats out of my diet completely, as well as fat, so I went looking for information on what to do and what to eat, and I came across this article here, and just wanted to put my two cents into the part about Omega-3. So here it is…

I take Omega-3 Fish oil, 2x a day, 2,400 mg total each day, and I don't have a problem with taking it. The only problem I had was the nasty fishy oily taste in my mouth and throat after taking them. So, I talked to my local Pharmacy tech and asked what she had to say. She told me, flat out, "take the ones with no fishy aftertaste." So I looked for them on the shelf, and sure enough, they existed! I started taking them, and not once since, have I had problems with taking Omega-3 fish oil capsules again. And it’s good to my body, which I need all the help I can get.

So my word of advice to you, if you don't like the taste of fish (like me!) then find the Omega-3 Fish Oil that is Tasteless and start taking them regularly. You won't regret it.

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Oct 26, 2010
Sacha Inchi oil (non fish omega 3) higher source of Omega 3
by: Anonymous

Sacha Inchi Oil comes from a nut grown in the Amazon of Peru and has more Omega 3 than fish oils. No more fishy burpbacks!

Jul 06, 2010
Freeze your Omega 3's
by: Maria

My husband also had trouble with repeating after taking his Omega 3's. I called the supplement manufacturer and they suggested leaving the Omegas in the freezer. This completely got rid of his repeating problem. I don't know that the Omega's without the fishy taste means they are further processed...but I imagine the purest form of Omega 3 fish oil is the best one to take. Trying works.

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