Omega 3 Vs. Omega 6

by Carole

Yes, by taking more of the oils containing Omega 3 not Soy Bean Oil (it is omega 6 which most low fat products consists of because it is cheap!!) I lowered my triglycerides from 2.25 to 1.80 (Cnd. fig.) in just 3 months. I also - which is more important - RAISED MY HDL FROM .91 TO 1.37 and lowered my LDL to a normal level for me. All this was done by eating, salmon, flax seeds, walnuts, cauliflower, Butternut squash, cabbage ( omitting sweet potatoes , parsnips... problem is we eat too many Omega 6's and not enough omega 3 ...all meat is Omega 6 and all fish is Omega 3... my Dr. was so amazed as she continues to tell me I cannot change my genes. Yes, you can by changing your lifestyle. Please note it's NOT the fish oil supplements but the food that makes the real difference. As I did take the supplements and my LDL raised and I had no benefit from them. C.H.

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