Oh My Gosh Omega-3

by Caring Kate

Once upon a time there was a woman doomed by her genes to dwell in the land of early heart attack victims. One day good news came to her village about statins. Hooray! She would one day take some and live a long and healthy life. Wrong. Statins turned out to be very mean drugs indeed. Sad ending? No! Omega-3 came to the rescue!

There were many knights of Omega-3 attempting to rescue this hopeful woman with their statistics and sales pitches. One Omega-3 knight was most pure, good and bright. In Dr. Mercola's kingdom, revealed in Dr. Oz's kingdom, of good Omega-3 knights, one came forward to win the day! I am a truly blessed woman who will live with my knight in shining armor, Krill Oil, to live happily ever after with significantly lowered triglycerides, raised HDL levels and lowered LDL forever.

Let none of us forget the role of exercise in this story! Exercise works hand in hand with my hero making my knight stronger and far more effective.

The End (but not of me, hopefully, for a very long time).

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