Obesity and Your Heart Health

Obesity is No Fun

Obesity is a disease. Anyone who has ever been overweight knows that it is a difficult burden. Obese people do no feel well, do not like they way they look, have trouble doing things they would like to do. These struggles are bad enough. But an even deeper issue is…

    Being obese or overweight really is that bad for our health.

 On an intuitive level we have always suspected it. We immediately judge a heavy person as unhealthy. But as it turns out…

Science Has Strengthened Its View Connecting Obesity With Chronic Disease

This is not news. Doctors are always telling us to lose weight when we tip the scales farther than we should. But recent studies are showing that the connection between obesity and chronic disease like diabetes and heart disease is much stronger than even doctors once thought.

For example, formerly when a patient was overweight, their doctor would prescribe a diet when that person also exhibited two other risk factors for heart disease like high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Now doctors become concerned for an overweight patient when he or she has just one heart health risk factor.

In truth, being overweight is a losing scenario no matter how we look at it. It is sort of like smoking. We all know it is bad for us. Unless we have researched we don’t know how bad it really is.

Unless we have done some research – like you are doing now – we have no idea just how high the health risks are with being overweight.

So the question is: How bad is obesity for our health? Or more to our current point:

How bad is obesity for our heart health?

And an important second point is:

How do we go about changing our lives so that we can lose the weight we know we need to?

These are two separate but related questions. My hope is to motivate you to answer both questions in an honest way. So much of what I read affects me, but I put off action. That is why I have prepared a separate document for you to download and read at your leisure.

Reading a webpage is helpful but then we walk away and forget it. We may bookmark the page. But then we have a lot of marked pages we never visit.

So I want to give you something that you can save and print if you want to. Please read it and think through it. Whether you are reading for yourself or someone else, ask yourself… 

  • Is being obese or overweight really an important health question?
  • Does being obese or overweight cause me (or someone I love) other issues that need to be resolved?
  • Am I willing to take steps to lose the weight and lower chronic health risks.

 You may already have other questions that nag you about obesity or about your health. Stop long enough to really consider what you are willing to do to resolve the issues.

We only get to live this earthly life once. The decisions we make and the habits we build define to a large degree how we get to live this life. Many times the difference between living sickly, with no energy, and jumping up in the morning to savor life, is because of the habits we build.

So, please take your time to download and read this little booklet on being overweight and heart health. My hope is it will trigger the beginning of a new life you build one habit at a time.

Click here to download: Being Overweight and Your Heart Health.

A Challenge For You!

People are making great improvements in their heart health.

How... are they doing it? By challenging themselves to change the way they eat. Really!

I have a challenge for you. It is my double dog dare.

Click here to learn about the 30_Day Challenge.

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