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The first e-book is the… Optimal Heart Health Supplement Guide.

The Optimal Heart Health Supplement Guide is the short list of supplements that have been demonstrated by scientific research to be very effective in the prevention and treatment of heart disease.

It is not an exhaustive list of every dietary supplement available. Rather it explains in detail – with supporting scientific data – the effects a few top dietary supplements have on heart health.

If you are serious about heart health you will want to make dietary supplements an important part of your daily routine. And you will want the Optimal Heart Health Supplement Guide as a reference tool.

The second e-book is entitled… How The Best Supplements Are Made.

It is the perfect addition to the first. Knowing which supplements you want to take is only half the battle. Before investing a single penny you need to ask several questions about the company that manufactures the supplements. Questions concerning…

  • What farming techniques are used to produce the base crops
  • Who controls the quality
  • How much time lapses between harvesting and conversion to final product
  • How involved the company is in research

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