My Mother' s Health!

by Dinovan

My mother is a bit fat, around 63kg with 1m61 height. She was Cambodian, lives in Kampong Cham province. She's got high triglyceride levels but not too high. Everything is as normal. 2 years ago she's got a disease called ovarian cysts with the symptoms: long vaginal bleeding that provoked little anemia and needed an immediate operation.

After that, everything was okay. She started to be better for several months after the operation at HCM City. Unfortunately, she commenced to feel so hurt at almost all the joins and the principle articulations such as the knees, elbows, shoulders, neck.... she always complains to me that she feels very hurt especially at midnight and in the early morning after waking up.

At that time, I commended her to see the doctor again then the doctor said that she has arthritis and vertebral degenerative, and she had to take a lot of medicines. I was so sad at that time. I am so far from her, I can't take care of her. I'm very sad.

Then she continued to take the medicines until the last few month. Now she told me that she feels so easily-tired; she just goes upstairs for two or three steps she already starts to be tired and difficult to breathe combined with her two legs being edema . She goes quickly to see the doctor, and now the doctor tells her that she has a very high triglyceride levels that could be an independent risk for cardiovascular disease. She must go to control ECG for every week and have a very constant diet and shouldn't be too shocked or work hard. I just feel medicine is also an important cause, I am very worried about her, please help me to have a very good resolution for her! Please give me some ideas!!


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