My experience after 42 months on statin drugs

by Christian Meyer
(Guatemala City)

At age 57 I had a heart attack. It was previously followed by angina pectoris. The episode was solved by installing three stents in the anterior coronary artery.

I was prescribed "crestor" + "zetia" + "controlip" to reduce my levels of triglycerides and total cholesterol. I stayed with this treatment for 42 months.

After a few months of this therapy I started noticing a great deal of pain in the bottom part of both feet, as well as pain in the neck, shoulders, back and legs. I do exercise (Martial Arts - Karate) and thought the pain was related to exercise. But I really started getting worried when I noticed a short term memory loss (received a phone call and minutes later I couldn´t tell who had called, my wife told me something and a few days later I swore not having grasped the information).

I decided to learn more about the side effects of the products I was taking, because an alternative source of treatment could be beneficial. My doctor didn´t agree with me, I have a genetic condition toward inheriting high cholesterol, plus the cardiac episode.

I decided to switch to averduyedic medicine and for the last 12 months quit the satins and fibrates. I am feeling much better, the muscle soreness is almost gone (except the neck), my memory has improved and depressions episodes are rare.

My triglycerides are still high (320) but the total cholesterol is 185, DHL is 65, LDL is 55, CPK is 154.

I understand the benefits of the statins and fibrates, but in my case the side effects outweighed the benefits.

Christian Meyer,

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