My dad has just been diagnosed with aortic aneurism at age 78

Hi. My name is Rema and my 78 year old father has just been diagnosed with abdominal aortic aneurism that is 10 cm long and 7.5 cm wide. The thing is that he has been taking high blood pressure and cholesterol medication for years and he has very good test results each year. He gets checked annually by our family Dr. However he was going to do an X-ray for his chest as he is a smoker and has been for years and also as going to do an ultrasound for his kidneys because he suffers from kidney stones.

To our surprise the report said he had aortic aneurism. We always thought that a clean bill of health from the Dr. each year meant that he would have a chance to grow old peacefully. So you can imagine my family's shock and sadness over the news. I have never even heard of an aneurism before. He has been feeling a pulsating feeling in his thighs and ankles for the past month or so and we thought it was because of his arthritis and lack of mobility but it seems now somehow connected to the aorta.

I just want to thank you for your website and enlightening us all about the risks and the treatment methods. I hope more awareness is raised about this risky condition and that more people are educated about it to be able to ask their doctors about this condition and more lives can be saved. My father is doing a CT scan tomorrow and then to the cardiologist to decide the best method of treatment for a 78 year old.

My question is, can a 78 year old man who loves life and has no heart problems survive such an operation? How long does it take before an aorta ruptures?

Thanks again.

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