I'm Only 24 and Have High Trigs Help...

by Kenneth
(out of this universe)

Well I’m 24 and the doc says I have extremely high levels of trig. To be exact 322. I’m not over weight at all. I’m 6ft 2 and have about 195-200, semi muscular build. I normally watch what I eat, hardly any fast food, my diet mainly consists of, seafood such as sushi, whitefishes, shrimp, lobster and pastas, and the occasional sirloin steak. However, I do like to drink my gatorade and energy drinks before I hit the gym. And I do enjoy beer.

I’ve always watched what I eat somewhat, but like I said I eat fast food mayby 2-3 times a month, like Burger King, or Taco Bell. I’m just wondering where I can find a list of things I should be eating. Every place I look, they just tell me how to prevent but no specifics. And I have no clue what a normal diet it as far as carbs and cholesterol intake per day. I really wanna know.

My cholesterol was fine at 168 I guess. And the fruit part… Some places say eat all fruits, and others say no bananas and apples. I’m just confused. Anyway, if someone can give me a little list of things to eat and not to eat that would be very sweet!!! Thanks everyone!

Or send me an email lincoln.man@hotmail.com

You could not imagine how much I would appreciate this. I’ve been looking every day since I left the doc.

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Apr 29, 2011
High Trigs
by: Anonymous

Load up on cod liver oil also..omega 3 only not 6&9 stay away from cheese or anything that has cheese in it.You might have a genetic background that can contribute to high Tris.

Apr 26, 2010
what can and cannot eat
by: Anonymous

Ken man you need to continue your exercise for sure, but the lobster, shrimp, fast food and steak take it light that is one of the biggest problem to having high triglyceride. As to what to eat anything in moderation, you can however take your share of omega 3 fish oil, eat things like chicken breast grilled , oats, salads, any fruits unless you are diabetic stay away from high sugar fruits. Drinking beer is a no no if you want your liver to function properly without the extra work of processing alcohol. Do this for 2-3 months and recheck your lipids and tell me if it goes down, i not their are other ways but please don't venture into statins (crestor, lipitor, etc) they are deadly take it from someone who tried them. All the best man. ravisinghtt@yahoo.com

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