In A Hurry?
You May Be At Higher Risk
For Developing Hypertension

In A Hurry To Get Hypertension?

According to the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2002, young adults who have a tendency to be in a hurry may be setting themselves up for developing high blood pressure.

This study considered the relationship between impatience, the feeling of being pressed for time, with the development of hypertension in young urban adults. This feeling of being in a hurry along with tenseness, hostility and aggressiveness are components of Type A personality.

Previous studies had concentrated on the relationship of hostility and high blood pressure. But this study focused on the less intense feeling of impatience. The conclusion of the experiment was that those young adults who possess (or are possessed by) a sense of time pressure are more likely to develop hypertension years later.

Participants who began the study with elevated blood pressure were excluded from the results. Those who qualified were asked to rate how well such traits as...