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An Anti-inflammatory Diet Reduces Heart Disease

The anti-inflammatory diet is becoming the focus for reducing heart disease risk. Avoid foods that cause inflammation for better heart health.

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Chronic Inflammation At The Very Root Of Heart Health

Chronic inflammation is at the very heart of cardiovascular disease. Find out why chronic inflammation is so dangerous.

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Anti-Inflammatory Foods: Implications for Chronic Heart Disease

Anti-inflammatory foods are your strong weapon against heart disease. Chronic inflammation has been shown to be at the root of coronary heart disease. Foods that reduce inflammation can help.

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I NEVER HEALED WITHOUT COQ10 AND LOST MY MIND AS WELL! THANKS LIPITOR! I took many types of statin drugs for many years per DR instructions, no awful

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Ms Sue Proud

I have found that the natural statin red yeast rice has lowered my cholestrol, and without any side effects whatsoever. Additionally I have not heard

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A Challenge For You!

People are making great improvements in their heart health.

How... are they doing it? By challenging themselves to change the way they eat. Really!

I have a challenge for you. It is my double dog dare.

Click here to learn about the 30_Day Challenge.

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