Having an anuerism after giving birth

by Demetria K.

Two weeks after giving birth to my daughter I was 22 years old. I discovered an unusual pain in my head it hurt so badly. I told my stepfather to call an ambulance and I told my brother to call my mother. I was rushed to Christ hospital in Jersey City NJ. They had to rush me to UMDNJ in Newark because they did not have the equipment to treat me. They found out that blood vessels burst on both sides of my brain and couldn't find the cause. I believed it was due to stress. To make a long story short the doctors did nothing but run a number of tests to find a cause and couldn't. The bleeding stopped on its own. So I was told to follow up with a doctor and I went home a couple of weeks later. The only side-effect I had was repeating everything I said. I don't remember how long this went on but I was told I did. And to this day I am alive and well and I owe it all to God.

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