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The thought of stepping out of one’s comfort zone and talking to somebody is a little disconcerting to many. It is for me. But we believe this is so important that we are willing to step out and help people discover a whole new opportunity of health. 

Whether we are suffering from low energy, weight gain, depression, chronic disease… our goal is all the same. We want relief. We want results.

So as a comfort – and a bit of an incentive – here are just few testimonials. I am willing to bet that this small sampling hits upon a few of your concerns.

Results after 8 Days

“I am absolutely amazed at how well this program works! After just 8 days on the program, I am 8 lbs. lighter and I feel AMAZING. I seriously have not felt this good in years!!! I feel like I have been given a gift and want to share it with everybody. I jotted down some of the changes I have experienced after just one week on the program: 

  • My energy level is up and my head is clearer – I am not walking around in a fog.
  • My stomach is significantly flatter.
  • Less cravings – I was very addicted to sugar.
  • Less hunger – The shakes keep me satisfied.
  • I wake up and don’t have to have coffee – I now enjoy a warm cup of detox tea, and it totally satisfies me.
  • My skin is vibrant. People are saying I have a glow!”

Results for a Lifetime

“I convinced my 36 year old daughter to do this along with me. The results were amazing. I lost 8 lbs. and several inches in my waste and hips and the pain in my knees disappeared. My daughter lost 6 lbs. and inches, too.

Now it has been several months. But we have totally changed our eating habits. We thought we ate healthy before, but now we eat much healthier. Less processed foods, less meat, less dairy. We try to eat organic most of the time and have dramatically cut sugar down in our diet. The results have continued. I am down 22 lbs. Now, my daughter is down 17 lbs. and feels so good that she is at the gym 4-5 days a week. My husband has lost over 30 lbs. (mostly in the stomach area) and had to go out and buy all new pants!!!

I am so excited to see where we will be in a couple more months. The benefits just keep coming! Now as my friends have noticed these changes in me and my family, they are also asking what we are doing.”

A Close Friend of Mine

Just so you don’t think this is all about weight loss - people do get excited about losing weight - I wanted to include the following. This is not a written testimonial. It was verbally communicated to me - more than once - by my close friend. In fact he brings it up often. These are my words.

My friend has an early morning job. He has chronically struggled with depression, fatigue, and digestion problems for a long time. Finally he began following some of the advice we provided. 

Some of it anyway. 

He told me that within a week he stopped taking his antidepressants and had high energy and a whole new mental approach to life. But after feeling consistently better for a while he wavered. Then things got worse. He had a heart attach and was put on a battery of heart medicines. And along with it, the depression returned and he constantly felt terrible. He was always in need of a nap.

After that experience he told me he had to commit himself to using the products we recommended. (He doesn’t do all of it.) He now feels consistently great. Is energy is up. He doesn’t feel the negative influences of his heart medications. His body is healing.

Healing Bodies

Our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal if given the right opportunity. Our passion is not about weight loss. People do lose weight as their bodies begin to balance. But that is not our mission. We want people to no longer be slaves to ill health. 

We advocate a five-point approach to healing. 

  • Eating clean
  • Increasing nutrient intake
  • Eliminating allergenic and addictive foods
  • Balancing blood sugar
  • Supporting elimination organs

Let us help you get started down the path to better health… a better life. Simply fill out the form below and tell us when is the best time or times to contact you. There is box below as well where you can spell out some of your primary concerns. Please fill that out. If helps us to begin to customize a plan for you.

As a bonus we will send you a special report on gut health and brain function... particularly mood. 

Gut health? Really? You will be surprised. Gut health is absolutely essential to so many aspects of our wellbeing. And it is key to our overall health. Our bodies cannot function without it.

Fill out the form below and we will get that to you right away. 

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