Finding The Best
Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements are an indispensable part of a healthy diet for at least two reasons. First, they fill the gaps left by an inadequate diet. Our diets are inadequate because we don’t eat as we should and many processed foods are stripped of the nutrients they possessed in their natural form.

Second, supplementing our diets can help counteract much of the bad stuff we consume. For example, the damage caused by diets high in cholesterol and fat can be partially counteracted by the omega-3 in fish oil. Since most of us don't eat cold water fish everyday we can supplement with fish oil from a quality source. All of this is discussed in other parts of this site. For a refresher you can use the links below: 

Heart Healthy Diet 

Fish Oils And Omega-3 

But where can we find quality supplements? Most supplements on the market today are not derived from whole food sources but rather from chemical equivalents.

Others are properly derived from whole food sources but many supplement producers purchase their base materials from third party companies. That means they are not in control of the materials that go into their products.

If you are concerned to purchase the best quality supplements you will need to do your research.

Beyond supplements you would do well to research other hot topics in heart health. There are a number of important topics discussed in free 'guides' you can access on this website. Consider the 30-Day Challenge and the relationship between inflammation and cardiovascular disease. 

Look for links to these guides on any page of this website.

A Challenge For You!

People are making great improvements in their heart health.

How... are they doing it? By challenging themselves to change the way they eat. Really!

I have a challenge for you. It is my double dog dare.

Click here to learn about the 30_Day Challenge.

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