Finally found what works for me!

by Wade Yamamoto
(Mililani, Hawaii)

Back in 2005, my cholesterol level was great along with my triglycerides. Then I started exercising regularly and for some reason, my numbers started going up and up. For the past 4 years, my cholesterol has been in the low to mid 200s, and my triglycerides, although not overly high, have been in the mid 100s. I also found out that the male figures on my mother's side have hereditary high cholesterol.

I tried everything to bring my numbers back down. I tried different oils, plant sterol, weird plants, modifying my diet (but not drastically)...still to no avail.

Finally, after some fear from my doctor that my days of no high cholesterol medication were numbered, I changed to a new (and cleaner) supplement of wild sockeye oil, super high antioxidant berries, and noni extract. I also completely laid off of any types of pastries/desserts, red meat, pork, and white rice for 2 whole months. I also add a serving of steel cut oats to my daily intake.

The results were that my cholesterol dropped by 51 pts to 180, LDL dropped by 34 pts to 116, and triglycerides dropped by 80 pts to 52 from my last quarterly blood test! I was shocked and so was the doctor!

That's my story for whoever out there that has 'hereditary' high cholesterol. The spell can be broken!

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