My Family's Health Story

Thanks For Being Here.

Thank you for taking enough interest in my family to end up here. This is really not about everything to do with our family. And it is not about heart health per se. It is about our journey as it relates to health, diet, and supplements. If you are interested in knowing what we have learned through experience and research then you are at the right place. 

I hope this helps.

I Grew Up With It

My mom was concerned with things like preservatives in food long before I ever heard anyone else talking about such things. Our neighbors kept their refrigerators stocked with colas and candy for their kids – and friends – to take whenever they wanted. Soft drinks for us were a treat. We did not get them every day. 

My parents also bought vitamins. The cabinet was always full of them. My dad was rarely sick, and he attributed his good health to always taking his vitamins. So I grew up with the idea that taking supplements was good for health. 

As I got a little older – and very dedicated to sports - I stayed on a daily regimen of vitamins and protein powder. As a young (single) adult I was in the weight room almost constantly. I ate five very lean meals per day (very low in fat with almost no sugar) and took handfuls of supplements – including very large amino acid pills.

The results were great.

I did notice – and so did a friend of mine – that some of the vitamins we were taking were passing through our systems without being fully digested. This was my first clue that not all supplements are equal. To be perfectly crass… I was flushing some of my money down the toilet.

Fast Forward To Parenthood

Many years have passed since those earlier days of body sculpting and having to worry only about myself. There are eight of us now including 5 sons and a daughter (the youngest). I had to trade in most of my gym time for work. (Boys love to eat). And our health issues have taken on a different dimension. 

At one time supplementing had to do mostly with how well I could build muscle in the gym or perform in athletic events. For years now it has had more to do with keeping our children healthy. 

It also has to do with keeping us healthy because we have to take care of our children. 

We have always been strapped for money. Every time I would progress a little bit in my job another child would show up. I really don’t know how that happens. We had to let go of many of life’s little “extras”. For a few years early in our marriage we never bought supplements. It wasn’t really a necessity.

We had to watch every dime.

Eventually we started experimenting with a number of whole food supplements. By this time we were not interested in anything that was not made from whole foods. Chemical equivalents do not digest well, nor do they assimilate in the body well. So we would ask our health conscious friends for their recommendations. 

We tried a number of different supplements. All of them were organic and contained no chemicals. But none of the companies that manufactured the supplements owned and controlled their own farms. So even if they were careful in their manufacturing processes, they really could not guarantee the base products that went into the supplements. 

Another thing that kind of bothered me – it bothers me more now - was I didn’t know anything about their scientific teams. Who was doing their research? Who was controlling their processes? 

I did know of a couple of companies that had their own researchers who are globally respected. But their supplements cost more and we needed to save money. 

Any way we wanted to be responsible toward our children – who doesn't? - so we started buying natural supplements for them.

That Dreaded March

Like most children, ours got sick from time to time. Especially during the winter. Every winter some or all of them would suffer from a number of things including pneumonia and bronchitis. We would brace ourselves as the cold weather approached knowing that we would be running to the doctor’s office and the hospital.

One March we finally had enough.

We had four children at the time and every one of them was in and out of the ER and doctor's office. Even with good insurance we spent over $400 for antibiotics and other prescriptions. The co-pays for office and hospital visits were much more.

That was just one month.

We were devastated. That was an enormous amount of money for us and it took us a long time to recover. We decided to try a different supplement company. 

My wife has always been diligent to look into things carefully when it comes to our children. I did some research too. 

We wanted to buy from a company that strictly controlled all of its own farms. We wanted to know that the manufacturing process was state-of-the-art. And we wanted to know that the company itself had a team of researchers who were well respected in related fields throughout the world.

We knew that we would have to pay a little more. But after spending well over a thousand dollars in one month for medical care, a few extra dollars was a small investment.

We expected some improvement. But we were a bit surprised at what happened.

That was many years ago. Since then one of our children – the baby girl – has had one breathing treatment. And it was a mild case. We spent more than a year without health insurance and passed that entire winter without a single visit to the pediatrician’s office. 

We still don't completely escape sickness. Stomach viruses still get us from time to time. But we don’t seem to pass it around the family very much. A couple of my children are bothered with stomach cramping associated with digestive issues. But they only have a problem when we run out of their supplements because we forgot to order more.

A Friend's Story

We have a friend whose college age daughter was suffering from some sort of chronic fatigue syndrome. She slept way too much and had absolutely no energy at all. She was diagnosed with a B-12 deficiency. 

Her mother called my wife one day and asked if she could find her a high quality B-complex supplement. She ordered one for her and her daughter's life changed dramatically.

Now she has no problems with fatigue. She gets up every morning and runs before doing anything else. She lives a normal healthy life now that her body is getting what it needs.

It's Not Just My Family

I tell you this story so you would know that it isn't just my family. There are so many people who suffer simply because they don't get everything their bodies need to function properly. 

When I think of the number of babies that are born around the world with birth defects because the mother had some nutrition deficiency – I want to cry. 

Some people buy cheap chemically-based supplements that are not assimilated and used by the body. They feel better because they think they are doing something good for themselves. But in many cases they are fooled.

Here’s a question for you…

Are you sick and tired of just not feeling great?

Are there health issues – in addition to your heart health – that concern you? Like…

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Did you know that these health problems – as well as more serious chronic diseases – can be the result of …

  • Your body holding on to too many toxins?
  • And chronic inflammation?
  • And pH and blood sugar imbalance?
  • And your elimination organs not working well?
  • And poor nutrition?
  •  And foods that stress your system?

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