Turning Expenses
On Great Heart Healthy Products
Into Income?

Is That Really Possible?

Think of all the great heart healthy products you use – or would like to use – every day. Think of all the other products you have to buy every week or every month. Whether they are…

  • Shampoo, or
  • Toothpaste, or
  • Bath soap, or
  • Vitamins, or
  • Protein powder, or
  • Makeup, or
  • Anti-aging products, or
  • Skin care products, or
  • Weight loss products, or
  • Detox products, or
  • Antioxidants, or
  • Acne products, or
  • Shaving cream, or
  • Joint support products, or
  • Or, or, or...

All these products – and many more – have at least two things in common.

  1. They are consumable so you have to keep buying them month after month after month.
  2. And they are an expense… not an income.

What if you could turn these expenses into income? And what if you could get superior products in the process?

How many times every month do you walk into a store and purchase one or more of the following…?

  • Shampoo and soap that dry your skin and hair because the manufacturer uses inexpensive harsh ingredients.
  • Vitamins made from chemicals instead of freshly grown plants full of phytonutrients.
  • Makeup or skin care products containing cancer promoting dyes and mineral oils (a byproduct of crude oil).
  • Acne products that use skin damaging chemicals instead of natural botanically derived ingredients.
  • Anti-aging products that don’t really work because they contain nothing to nourish your body.

And how about my favorite… products you put on your skin that contain elements from the animal rendering industry. Components boiled out of dead – and often diseased – animals and mixed into your soaps and skin care products.

That is particularly alarming because everything you put on your skin begins to absorb into your bloodstream within 26 seconds of contact.

We are already buying these products, aren't we? We are already spending our money on products that often do not do what they are promised to do. Most of the time we don’t even know what is in them.

We are putting these products on our skin or in our mouths because somebody – an advertising company – told us we should. We do this month after month and we tell our friends to do the same.

We spend our money and we tell our friends to spend their money on inferior – and even damaging – products and…

No one ever says, 'Thank You'.

No one sends us a check in the mail as a thank you for spending our money. And no one rewards us for encouraging our friends to spend their money. Therefore these products remain an expense instead of an income.

But what if we had the power of a buying club?

What if we could get superior products…

  • Products produced with only natural botanical ingredients…
  • Products without any harmful chemicals...
  • Products that never use rendered animal extracts…
  • Products that do what they are promised to do…
  • Products that are based on health based scientific research instead of marketing concerns...

... with the power of a worldwide buying club?

And what if we were financially rewarded for our purchases and of those we encourage to buy with us?

Then our expenses would become income.

So, do you want to know that you are getting the best heart healthy products in the industry? Do you want to know that what you are putting on your skin and in your mouth contains only botanically based healthy ingredients based on more than 30 years of research? And do you want to tap into the power of a buying club that can help you turn your monthly expenses into an income?

That's what we are doing. And we can show you how.

We can offer you a free – and very short – consultation based on a fascinating 8-minute video. You will not be asked to buy anything or sign anything. We just want you to invest less than 20 minutes of your time listening. If this can’t help you or if you are not interested that is fine. At least you will have spent a few minutes considering whether or not it is an opportunity that can serve your family.

Is it important to you to know what is in the products you consume? Is it important to get the healthiest products available for your family? And would you like – by doing some of the same things you are already doing month after month – to turn your consumable expenses into income?

If so simply fill out the form below. We will answer you by personal email to find out what is the best time to get you the video and answer your questions. We have no interest in selling your email address to anyone. So relax. Just let us know if we can help you begin to turn some of your monthly expenses into income while – at the same time – purchasing the healthiest products available.

Turning Heart Healthy Expenses into Income

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Think of all the great heart health products you buy - or would like to buy - that are just expenses. What if you could turn these expenses into an income stream?

Do the products you purchase really do what you buy them to do? Or are they manufactured with inferior ingredients. Why not buy from companies committed to research and turn some of your expenses into income in the process?