I Know What You Are Thinking...

No Way

No way can people lose 1 to 4 inches from their waist in an hour.

Well people can. And they are. And not only from their waist.

 You may be thinking… this is a site about heart health. Yes it is. And most of what I write on this site has to do specifically with heart health. Well I have two things to say about that.

  1. The causes of extra fat around your belly have more to do with heart disease that you know.
  2. When I find something that my faithful readers just have to see I make it available.

Belly Fat and Heart Disease

Retaining weight is not just about calories. Many people are in good shape yet they just can’t get rid of the fat around those problem areas… especially the mid-section.


Because fat is not just about energy storage. Fat cells are also used by the body to protect the sensitive organs from toxins. 

When toxins build up in the system they cause a number of health issues… some of them very serious. You will find other discussions and other documents on this website that discuss toxicity and heart health.

Toxins cause systemic inflammation. And the scientific journals are full of discussions about inflammation. What do the scientific journals say? Essentially this…

Without inflammation, coronary heart disease will not develop.

Toxins also cause fat cells to cling to the body. Many people begin to lose weight when they start a new diet. And then they hit a wall. Why?

Because the body refuses to give up the fat cells that absorb the toxins.

Often when these same dieters go through a period of detoxification (Like the 30-Day Challenge discussed elsewhere on this site) they begin to lose weight again.

Detoxification has many facets. Some of them internal and others are more external. We will get to that in a moment.

So you see getting rid of belly fat is very closely related to heart health.

I Just Thought You Would Want To See This

Who wouldn’t?

Losing anywhere from 1 inch to more than 4 inches in one hour is of great interest to most anyone. And the cool thing is… the next day even more inches are dropping off.

For example…

This lady lost 1 inch in less than an hour:

And this one lost 2:

And how about 4 inches in 45 minutes?

And this lady lost another inch and a half the next morning.

All these pictures were taken at a wrap party about an hour apart.

Wrap Party?

Yes. A detox wrap party.

The size loss these women experienced is not about losing calories. It is about losing toxins. Toxins that are trapped in fats cells. Toxins that cause the body to retain fat as a protection against toxins.

Toxins and inflammation are bad for heart health. They promote cancer as well as other chronic diseases. And as you can see from the pictures above… they promote fat retention.

So what about these wrap parties? How do they work? Are they difficult to do? Where do I get the supplies I need? Are they expensive?

All these questions are answered in a short guide we have prepared for our Optimal-Heart-Health readers.

In it you will learn the science behind toxins and fat retention. About the products you will need and the natural ingredients in those products. And you will learn the step-by-step process of how to do the wraps.

And there is one more thing…

For downloading the Wrap Guide you will be offered a free consultation. We will talk to you about the wrap parties we have been a part of and the results we are seeing. We will step you through the process of purchasing the supplies you need. And we will answer your questions about how to do the wraps.

Please take advantage of that opportunity.

To get your free guide all you have to do is fill out the short form below and click ‘Submit’.  Then you will be taken to a page where you can download your free guide.

It is that simple. Don’t delay. The wraps are easy to do. Why not lose a few inches and rid your system of toxins at the same time?

Wraps for Losing Fat

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