Co-Q10 and Chronic Disease:

How Co-Q10 Supports Your Body

Co-Q10 supplementation has been shown to be beneficial on many fronts.

For decades Co-Q10 has been used throughout the world to treat chronic diseases associated with aging. This is especially true in relation to heart disease, including but not limited to, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and congestive heart failure.

In the occurance of these conditions, as well as others, CoEnzyme Q10 has been found to be deficient a high percentage of the time. That is... when chronic disease is present, it is oftent he case that the patient has low levels of Co-Q10.

We have, however, discussed the use of Co-Q10 in relation to heart disease in another section. If you have not yet read that section you can click the link below and read it now. Then you can close the window and return here. Take your time. We will be here when you return. 

Read about Co-Q10 and its aid in the fight against heart disease.

As indicated above there is much more to CoEnzyme Q10 supplementation than the prevention or treatment of chronic heart disease. It may also be involved in the stimulation and support of the immune system.

Studies involving mice have revealed that older mice produce only about one third of the antibodies necessary for fighting disease.

By giving these older mice Co-Q10, antibody production was increased by 250%. That means the older mice that had received Co-Q10 were producing about 80% of the antibody levels existing in young mice. Consequently the older mice were enabled to fight disease much like their younger counterparts. 

Closely related to the immune system is the big C. That's right, cancer. Cancer cells are produced in all of us every day. The body is normally able to manage the eradication of these abnormal cells. But sometimes they reproduce beyond the controlling ability of the body.

There are many factors that determine the rise of cancer in an individual. Genetic factors play a part. These we cannot help. But environmental factors also play a huge role. Over these we have some control.

Pollution, chemical exposure and unhealthy diets leave the immune system unable to cope with the rapid reproduction of cancer cells. By strengthening the immune system the body has a head start in the battle against cancer.

CoQ10 cannot cure cancer.

But by the release of cellular energy along with the antioxidative properties of CoQ10 the immune system is given a fighting chance.

CoEnzyme Q10 levels are also apparently low in people suffering from periodontal disease (diseased dental tissue). Some dentists have suggested that approximately 50% of their patients show signs of periodontal disease. And it is this that often leads to the eventual loss of teeth after the age of 60.

Periodontal (or gum) disease has often been reversed by CoQ10 supplementation. This may be the result of Co Q 10's ability to aid in the release of cellular energy which in turn supports the process of healing and tissue repair.

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