A Blood Pressure Chart

Can Help You Maintain A
Healthy Blood Pressure

Keep Your Blood Pressure Chart Handy

A blood pressure chart can be a handy thing to have around. This is true whether you get your blood pressure checked by your doctor or you use a home blood pressure monitor.

It is one thing to remember that under average conditions anything under 120 over 80 is normal. It is quite another thing to remember the particulars of how high, say… 150 over 90 is.

If you are concerned enough about your blood pressure to check it often then a blood pressure chart would be very helpful to you. 

A blood pressure chart can be as simple as the one below.


< 120 < 80 Normal Pressure
120-139 80-90 Pre-hypertension
140-159 90-99 Stage 1 Hypertension
> 159 > 99 Stage 2 Hypertension

This simple chart simply distinguishes the four very broad categories of normal blood pressure and hypertension. 

You can find a more detailed and elaborate blood pressure chart using the link below. 

Click here for a detailed blood pressure chart

The author makes a number of recommendations for diet and supplements to help you maintain a healthy blood pressure. 

If you can’t open the chart using the link above (it is in PDF format) you can see the same chart as a web page using this link: 

Click here for the same blood pressure chart as a web page

This second link has some explanatory notes that you may find very helpful.

If you can, download the chart using the first link and compare your home readings to see how you are doing.

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