My Journey to This Point:
How This Website Came About

This is Not about You

Hi. I’m Greg

Most of this website is about my readers. It is about how they (you) can improve your heart health.

But this page is about me. Everybody loves to talk about themselves. This is my indulgence.

This Page Is about My Journey

I am a bit of an idealist. You can see that in my college education. I never went to college to make a lot of money. That was for the business majors. I studied because of certain ideals I had.

I studied forestry because I love science and I wanted to be as close to nature as I could. But before I even finished that degree there was another ideal brewing within me. Because of certain passions and gifts that I had I decided to go to seminary and study for the ministry.

It was a difficult but good time. And the things I learned – and continue to learn – will always be with me. It was a great investment. An investment I use every day.

But not to make a living.
That investment led to another. After two years of full-time ministry I returned to the university to study philosophy. Three years later I had my second masters degree and a young wife. (I stole her from my two year ministry stint.)

I had 10 years of college, 3 degrees, a wife, a small house, and...

No career direction.

I never went to school to make a living... remember?

Now What Would I Do?

I tried a number of things including building houses, banking, IT work, and a lot of things that didn’t last very long. (Life guarding was cool but it wasn’t quite like Bay Watch.)

Throughout these years there were some other developments. 6 of them in about 11 years.

5 boys and a girl.
That kind of reality has a way of throwing cold water on your idealism.

So like many people I became shackled to my desk with no real vision for what I was doing 10 hours a day. Usually I barely made enough money to get by. Financial stress was just a way of life. Kids like to eat.

And my entrepreneurial spirit was crushed every day.
I loved the idea of building an internet empire. I even threw up a cheap website with a co-worker. But we had no clue what we were doing.

Over a period of a few years two things have come together that have really given me a roadmap for internet success. I wish I could tell you that these things were my idea. But I am just fortunate enough to realize their value and act upon them.

A Great Idea from a Simple Conversation

I ran into a friend one day who told me he was building a website. It was a funny way to start a conversation. In fact I don’t think anyone ever said that to me before. That simple conversation starter has made a world of difference to me.

I think there is a lesson in there.
He told me about SBI – a company that specializes in teaching average people to build a successful website. Other companies claim to do that. And what they mean is they will help you through the technology and sell you cheap hosting. I was aware of that and I didn’t want any of it.

But I was eager so I studied what SBI had to offer. I learned that they go way beyond what I expected. They actually teach how to approach niche marketing. Ken Evoy – the founder – even puts his Action Guide online for anyone to use.

The Action Guide is a step-by-step process for building a targeted niche website that is positioned to outperform the vast majority of the millions of websites all over the net.

Purchasing SBI was one of the best decisions I ever made. But at the same time I made a huge mistake. I jumped in way too fast. By the time I was half way through reading the Action Guide I had already started writing my site content.

That is just like me. Set it up first and then read the directions when I have a problem.

Big mistake.
I have another problem. This one is part of my make-up.

I am analytical by nature. Hence the theology and philosophy degrees. I look at ideas and think they won’t work. I never bought a pet rock. Remember those? I thought it was a stupid idea. But it made Gary Dahl a millionaire. He dared. I thought it wouldn’t work.

Oh, and I never bought a cabbage patch doll either.

I Still Didn't Fail

Did I fail? No. That original site – which I never work on – makes me over $1,000 per month in Google ads alone. Plus I have other monetizing opportunities that bring in more income. And it increases a little every month with no attention from me.

Why don’t I give it my attention? Because I didn't pick a niche I was excited about.

What if I did? What if I took my time and built my first site on a passion? On an ideal? There is no telling how much I would make.

I tell you all this so you will know what kind of potential there is in working with SBI. If you take your time and build upon a passion, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. When it is time to build a website make sure you work with the right people.

Read my review of SBI

I said there were two things that came together. SBI was first. I succeeded even though I made mistakes. My success is just beginning. I have learned some lessons.

A Second Great Idea from the First

The second element I actually learned about through SBI. SBI founder Ken Evoy is always developing his company to service people like us. Because I have always been interested in building a successful network marketing company on the web, I was searching for anything Ken said on network marketing in the SBI forums.

It was there that I found an e-book by Ann Seig entitled, "The Renegade Network Marketer". I had never heard of Ann but I trusted Ken's advice. So I coughed up the money to buy the e-book.

I read it with great enthusiasm. Her criticisms of the network marketing industry were very close to what I had thought many times. But I could never talk about them with my up-line.

The difference between Ann and me is she worked the network marketing system she was taught very hard. But instead of giving up because of lack of results – like I did – she studied marketing and began to understand how to bring attraction marketing techniques to the MLM industry.

Reading her book was a great eye-opener for me. But it still left holes. Because I was not actively involved in network marketing at the time I did not know how to immediately apply her principles. I also read a follow-up e-book she had written called "The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto". Actually I read it several times.

This e-book was in many ways better for me than the first. In it Ann traces her journey much more clearly and shows how she particularly applied the principles she had written about in the first e-book. Being a little slow I was finally beginning to see how someone could apply these principles to marketing any kind of home business – not just a network marketing business.

I couldn’t get enough.

Ann teamed up with a very successful network marketer named Mike Klingler and together formed the Renegade University and, later, the Renegade Professional. The first of these is a free service which showed me how to further apply attraction marketing methods to my own website as well as creating a whole network of attracting web content.

I have to be honest. I didn't spend much time in the Renegade University. Not because it isn't great. But because I was eager to upgrade to the Renegade Professional. The "Professional" is not a free service but is worth much more than the cost to me.

It is a click-by-click method containing many (hundreds) hours of training videos. It is designed for the person with no technical skills at all. Having spent time as a data warehouse developer I don’t need anyone to show me basic technology.

But I do need someone to tell me what to do and why I should do it.
And that is what I have found in the Renegade Professional. It provided me with a step-by-step process for building a large web of content that draws interested prospects to me. I would watch some of the videos and not really understand why they were suggesting I do a certain thing.

But I would do it. And that was new for me. Don’t analyze. Just follow success.

As I progressed through the training I would eventually understand. I was beginning to see the bigger picture.

As of today’s date I am building a web of influence using what I continue to learn from the trainers at the Renegade Professional. It fits in perfectly with the whole SBI approach to building niche websites. I am greatly encouraged by my progress.

Still Not Really My Passion

My focus now is marketing from home. You can visit my Marketing from Home blog to see some of the work I am doing there. Did I choose this theme because it has always been a passion for me?

Not really. Not like scuba diving or hiking or visiting the islands. I will tackle one of those passions later.

I chose this theme because I wanted to see it in action. I wanted to build a thriving network marketing business without ever approaching a single prospect. I want them to approach me.

But I have learned that attraction marketing is much larger than network marketing. In fact network marketing is now just one piece of the larger puzzle for me. If that piece went away it would in no way devastate my business.

That’s a freedom that the network marketing industry can’t understand. My business is not network marketing. It has many parts of which MLM is just one.

So it wasn’t really my passion. But you know what. I am having fun anyway. And it is becoming more of a passion for me as I see my success increase. Sometimes I work because I have to. But most of the time I really enjoy it. I enjoy creating content that I know will help people succeed.

Maybe it is a passion after all.

So What About You?

If you are interested in building a business of any type you will need a web influence. To not have one is a very bad decision for most businesses. If you are not sure what your business will be - start your research.

You will need a website. Maybe several. Make a good decision here. SBI is very reasonably priced. When you consider all they offer there is simply no comparison in my mind. Read my Site Build It review to learn more. There I provide a number of links to help your research.

If you really want to build a web of influence that attracts prospects and customers who are already looking for what you offer you will want to go beyond just building a website.

Check out the Renegade University.

It is a free resource that can help you get started with attraction marketing. You will learn how to completely reverse your thinking on what you might think marketing is.

After that I recommend upgrading to Renegade Professional. If you want somebody holding your hand and taking you through the steps of building a web presence that will brand you as an expert… that is the place to go. To not follow through with Renegade Profession – I think - is a big mistake. At least it would have been for me.

But make sure you are ready to move forward. If you aren’t then stay with Renegade University and take advantage of everything that is offered there.

Click here to read my review of Renegade Professional.

Also study everything you can find at Solo Build It. Even if you are not ready to build a website you can learn an enormous amount. You simply cannot read all you will find there.

It is a lot to consider. But it is very much worth the effort. Whatever you do… follow through.

Here's to your journey.


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