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Optimal Health Newsletter, Issue #104 – Why Didn't I Think Of That?
April 20, 2007

Keeping your heart healthy the natural way

Issue #104

December 1, 2006

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Spring is in the air! . This is the time of year we love to open our windows and breathe in the fresh air. It is also the time of year when we get outside more. If you have been neglecting exercise all winter now is a great time to get back in the groove.

Don’t you feel a little more energetic this time of year? I hope you do. There is so much for which we can be grateful. Everything we have is a gift. Take every opportunity to enjoy life today.

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Why Didn’t I Think of That?

A Great Idea!

Have you ever seen something for the first time and were immediately impressed with it? Ideas are like that. Often we see something that someone else has done, a relatively simple idea, and we say to ourselves…

What a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that?

I have said it many times. I am much better at seeing someone else’s genius than being one myself.

There are many things we don’t think about until someone points them out to us. Simple things… obvious things… important things. Here is one for you... Why not insist on applying the very best science to the manufacturing of dietary supplements? "Sure," you say. "That is obvious." Really? Hold that thought for a moment.

Our Love of Science

In this modern age we insist upon the best of science in many things we do.

  • We insist that pieces don’t fall off the space shuttle.
  • We insist that doctors know what they are doing when they treat our children.
  • We insist that the FDA keep our food safe.
Here are some more trivial examples…
  • We insist that the truck we buy has more horsepower than the competitors’.
  • The young folks insist that their electronic gadgets have the most features.
  • We insist that our dietary supplements be made from the best science has to offer.
OK. I sneaked that last one in. The fact is most people care more about features on their computer that they will never use than they do about what goes into the supplements that they are taking to improve their health. We rightfully get nervous when we hear about a suspected case of mad cow disease that has reached our shores. But when we buy supplements we buy the cheapest thing we find on the shelves.

Do You Know What Questions To Ask?

If you take dietary supplements it is because you have some level of belief that they will help you maintain or recover your health. Health is something we all value above almost everything else. Why then are we so casual in our approach to which supplements we choose?

Do you really think that that small, hard, candy coated tablet will do anything useful after you swallow it? How do you know? What questions should you be asking? The first question we normally ask is, "How much does it cost?" That is the wrong approach. Here is a partial list of the questions we all need to ask:

  • How established is the company that makes my supplements?
  • Is dietary nutrition their primary focus?
  • Are their supplements chemical or whole food based?
  • How many research facilities do they have?
  • How many scientists do they employ for nutritional research?
  • Does this company partner with other leaders in research?
  • Do they own their own farms?
  • What farming practices do they employ?
  • How do they guarantee that no pollutants get into the final products?
  • Do their marine based products have any mercury in them?
  • How long do the finished products sit on the shelf?
  • What awards have these companies won?
  • How do they set the standard for everyone else?
Unfortunately, most of us simply grab a bottle of inexpensive supplements, quickly read the label, see high percentages, and rejoice because we are getting two for the price of one.

Actually what we are getting is nothing for the price of one.

We are an educated, demanding people. Maybe it is time we started demanding more out of the companies that make the products we depend upon for our health. Do the research. Select the best product available based on your research. Insist upon the very best of science when it comes to your dietary supplements.

Science and supplements. What a great idea.

Why didn’t I think of that?

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