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Optimal Health Newsletter, Issue #108– Low Cholesterol Diet
September 24, 2007

Keeping your heart healthy the natural way

Issue #108

September 24, 2007

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Low Cholesterol Diet

Many of us are rightly concerned about consuming a low cholesterol diet. And so we should be. High blood cholesterol is a key factor in the development of coronary heart disease.

Today’s article is about keeping blood cholesterol low through diet. But it is not just about what we don’t eat. What we do eat is also of great importance.

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Low Cholesterol Diet

Why Is A Low Cholesterol Diet Important?

It’s very simple. A low cholesterol diet is important because having low blood cholesterol is important.

Coronary heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in the USA. People with high blood cholesterol have a greater chance of developing coronary heart disease.

But it is not as simple as reducing dietary cholesterol intake. Traditional scientific wisdom tells us that saturated fats and trans-fats contribute to high blood cholesterol more than dietary cholesterol. In other words, Diets high in saturated fats raise blood cholesterol more than diets high in cholesterol.

So we have to do more than limit the amount of cholesterol rich foods we eat. We must limit our intake of saturated fats and trans-fats.

So Where Do We Begin?

We must begin with cutting out saturated fats and trans-fats.

Only about 1/4 of a person’s blood cholesterol is absorbed from food. The other 3/4 is made in the liver. It is the mix of fats that we eat that largely determines how much cholesterol ends up in the blood.

Saturated fats raise LDL cholesterol. That’s bad news. But they also raise HDL cholesterol. That’s good news.

Trans-fats on the other hand raise LDL and lower HDL. There is no good news with trans-fats. Avoid them. Read the labels on the foods in your pantry. If the ingredients include partially-hydrogenated oils then the product contains trans-fats.

But all this is only part of the story. We also need to increase our intake of certain foods. For example…

We Need More Fiber

It is not just about what we don’t eat that matters. It is about what we do eat. Fiber is a prime example.

Soluble fiber binds cholesterol containing bile in the intestines. The cholesterol is then excreted out of the body thereby reducing the amount absorbed by the body.

So when you read on your box of oatmeal that it lowers cholesterol it is the truth. Oatmeal is high in fiber. Unfortunately for me oatmeal is one of the few foods I really don’t like.

It is estimated that eating 5 to 10 grams of soluble fiber per day can reduce your LDL cholesterol by 5%. It is possible to get nearly 5 grams of soluble fiber by eating a good size bowl of oatmeal or other cereal made from oat bran. Check the labels.

You Already Know That We Need Fruits, Vegetables, And Grains

They all contain fiber. But they also have other ingredients crucial to a low cholesterol diet. In particular fruits and vegetables are very high in a variety of different antioxidants. Why are antioxidants so important? There are many reasons. But particular to our discussion, antioxidants reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. And oxidized LDL is a leading cause of coronary heart disease.

If you take vitamin-E for heart health you are already trying to reduce LDL oxidation. But studies have shown that under certain conditions vitamin-E can actually increase LDL oxidation. Scary, huh?

Another antioxidant – CoQ10 – never increases LDL oxidation and has been shown to be one of the strongest LDL antioxidants around. So if you want to do all you can to reduce you risk of heart disease eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and grains. And take CoQ10.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Are Also Important

Sufficient amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids are essential in a low cholesterol diet. Populations that eat foods rich in Omega-3 and low in saturated fats have significantly lower risk of heart disease.

Research has shown that Omega-3…

  • Reduces risk from heart attack
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces atherosclerosis build up (plaque)
  • Lowers risk of congestive heart failure
  • Lowers incidence of sudden cardiac death
As you cut out those foods high in saturated fats replace them with foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Vegetable sources of Omega-3 (ALA) include…
  • Flaxseed
  • Walnuts
  • Canola oil
  • Soybean oil
The more potent forms of Omega-3 (EPA and DHA) are found in cold-water oily fish. Many of us prefer the warm water white meat varieties. But these have relatively low levels of EPA and DHA. The best sources for EPA and DHA are…
  • Albacore tuna
  • Salmon
  • Mackerel
  • Lake trout
  • Herring
  • Sardines
The wild varieties are higher in Omega-3 than farm-raised.

So the next time you are at the grocery store consider buying more salmon or tuna and less red meat. I love a good steak. But my wife and I have greatly decreased our intake of red meats.

I also supplement with a high quality fish oil. In addition to safeguarding my heart health it also takes away the pain in my hands. A nice bonus.

By adhering to a low cholesterol diet – a diet designed to reduce blood cholesterol levels – you can greatly reduce your likelihood of suffering from heart disease.

Eat well and make sure you get plenty of Omega-3, either through your diet or by taking good fish oil supplements. CoQ10 is also especially helpful for reducing LDL oxidation. To get enough you will most likely have to take supplements.

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