Come on. Food… Really?
Do You Expect Me To Believe That…

Food Can Make That Much Difference to My Heart Health?

I don’t know. But there are entire population groups of people that do believe it. It isn’t only about food though. It is about lifestyle.

There are entire populations that know little about heart disease because it is rare amongst them. Some of them eat very little fat. Some of them eat loads of it. Yet they share this one thing…

They have good heart health.

Those of us who live in the Western world cannot say that. We may ignore the risks while we are young. But sooner or later it catches up with us. Or it catches up with someone we love.

Deep down you do believe it, don’t you? You really do suspect that our terrible dietary habits are killing us. Maybe like me you have been waking up to this reality for a long time. Yea, sure. You eat better than a lot of people you know. We all do.

I Have an Easy Task for You

It isn’t too strenuous I hope. Download a copy of…

An Intentional Diet:
Your Best Weapon for a Healthy Heart.

It is a free guide written for those who really do suspect that what they eat can have a big impact on their heart health. In it you will learn about different dietary approaches that have been demonstrated to improve your health. You will read about diets from the shores of the Mediterranean, as well as diets from the Arctic Circle. Sorry… no hotdogs and fries this time. You will be informed. You will be challenged. You might even chuckle a bit. You will certainly have plenty of… Food for thought.

Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

Just fill out the form below and you will receive an email linking you to your free copy. You will also receive a few follow–up emails to make sure you actually did get it. And to provide additional information to help support your reading. Don’t worry I will never share your email address. And one more thing. Make sure you add to your accepted email list (some people call it white listing) or I won’t be able to get your free copy to you. Did I mention it is free?

Making a Big Health Difference

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There are entire populations of people who know little about heart disease. Which population would you rather be a part of? Theirs? Or Yours?

Learn about what other people are eating… and not eating… that helps them stay free of heart disease.