Finally a Challenge…
You Can Live With

Isn't Life Hard Enough Already?

Yes it is. There are challenges enough without looking for more. Just getting through your day can be exhausting enough. In addition to the struggles of day-in and day-out living there are the constant surprises.

  • The appliances that break
  • The car that needs attention
  • The family needs that never seem to go away

Then there are health issues. Some of them are sudden and unexpected. A sudden virus. An injury. A surprise diagnosis. And let’s not forget the chronic health challenges… High cholesterol and triglyceride levels Constant fatigue Weight gain High blood pressure And that is just the short list. With all of these challenges…

Who needs another challenge?

You do. And so do I. But we need a challenge we can live with. Or to put it another way...

A Challenge That Will Help Us Live Better

The challenges mentioned above tend to lower your quality of living. They take something out of you. They suck out a little bit of your life. But what about a challenge that puts back? A challenge that helps you overcome some of your other challenges.

Wouldn't that be a horse of a different color?

What if you were challenged to do something truly good for you? What if you could reduce some of those other challenges by taking on one more?

  • Are you struggling with high cholesterol and triglycerides?
  • Are you trying to shed those extra pounds?
  • Would you like a new lease on your health?

Then I have a challenge for you. And here it is. I challenge you to take 30 days and…

Change The Way You Think About Food And Drink.

Just 30 days. One short month to take a huge leap toward better health - in general - and better heart health - in particular. ONE MONTH!

Did you know there are entire populations of people who rarely suffer from heart disease? Did you? And it is not because they come from a better gene pool. It is because…

They eat and drink and live differently.

They have different habits of exercise and different habits of eating. And because of that they have better health. Radically better health.

So which population group would you rather be a part of? The group that is relatively free of heart disease? That knows little about dependence on prescription drugs? That doesn’t constantly struggle with weight gain?

Or your group?

The 30-day challenge will...

  • Give you the nudge you need to move towards a better approach to diet
  • Help you rid your diet of health destroying foods
  • Help you improve your health by taking in life supporting nutrition
  • Help you build permanent health-promoting habits for better living

The 30-day challenge will help you put together a balanced approach to nutrition. You can do what many others have done...

Reclaim your health!

Why wait? Why put off what you know you need to be doing? Why avoid the challenge that can actually enrich your life? Why not take that first step that could result in permanently healthier living?

Why not...

  • Clean out the fridge and cupboard of all the health damaging foods you eat every day
  • Stock up on heart healthy foods rich in lean protein and heart healthy Omega-3s
  • Pack your diet with health promoting phytonutrients
  • Eat and drink to your health every day

That’s what the 30-day challenge can do for you. It will help you schedule every meal - and snack - of your busy day. Learn about nutrients that you never knew existed. Nutrients that will help you resist disease and regain your health. Learn about inflammation and how your diet is promoting it. Give your heart health the fighting chance it needs.

That's what the 30-day challenge is all about.

Just 30 Days!

The 30-day challenge comes to you in the form of an information packed guide. For just $9.97 you can have every bit of information you need to begin building permanent habits of better health. It provides detailed information on the kind of supplemental products you need to make your 30 days every bit as successful as they can be. Why put off building new habits of heart healthier living?

Get the 30-Day Challenge Guide today! Just $9.97!

It's a challenge you can live with.

Click Below to Begin Your 30-Day Challenge.

Among the many challenges we all have... heart health issues are among the worst.

Building positive habits to promote good health can be a powerful tool in maintaining and restoring your heart health.

Changing the way you eat and drink may seem like a simple solution... too simple.

But poor dietary habits are to blame for destroying the heart health of millions of people.

Isn't building new healthy eating habits worth the effort?

We make promises to ourselves all the time. Most often we break those promises.

Sometimes what we need to make those promises stick is to take a challenge.

That is what the 30-Day Challenge is about. It is about pushing you to that next step of making lasting decisions that will improve your heart health.