Where Did It Go?

You know…

That “I feel great!” feeling.

Don’t you just get sick and tired of…

  • Feeling stressed?
  • Not sleeping well?
  • Gaining weight you can’t get rid of?
  • Feeling tired all the time?
  • Having digestion problems?
  • Living with painful joints?

Maybe it is because you are getting older. Or because you don’t exercise. Or because it just happens to people.

Or maybe something else is causing it.

Perhaps you don’t feel the way you do because your body has been storing up toxins for years and because it is not getting the nutrients it needs to heal itself.

That is what the 30-Day Challenge is all about.

Millions of people have said goodbye to their health because…

  • There bodies have been storing up toxins all their life.
  • Their elimination organs are not functioning like they once did.
  • Their GI track is not absorbing nutrients like it should.
  • Their hormones are out of balance.
  • They are eating foods that stress their bodies.
  • Their blood sugar and pH are imbalanced.
  • They are chronically inflamed.

Some people feel a little out of it all the time because of these issues. Some people have chronic health problems or have experienced a breakdown of their whole immune system.

The 30-Day Challenge is about regaining your health.

It is about giving your body the help it needs to heal itself. It is about avoiding the toxins you eat and put on your skin and hair. It is about supporting those organs that eliminate toxins. It is about increasing your body’s ability to utilize the nutrition you give it. And it is about giving it the right nutrition.

Did you know that…

  • US manufacturers put known carcinogens in your skin care products
  • Millions of people have hormone imbalance because of outside toxins?
  • Inflammation is the basis of many chronic diseases?
  • Whey – a popular protein source – causes intestinal toxemia?
  • Gluten and soy promote pH imbalance?
  • Your body stores toxins in fat cells?
  • What if you could recapture your health by changing what you eat and what you put on your body?

And what if you could experience a significant improvement in just 30 days?

Many people have. Here is just one example very close to us. 

Our friend Jack – who is rather young – has always had digestive issues. And they had been getting worse. Though he is a big strong guy he never really felt well. And he was on antidepressants. 

After just four days on the Challenge he announced to his wife that he felt absolutely great. That his food agreed with him. That he was not having that afternoon energy slump we all hate. And…

He stopped taking his antidepressants.

His wife – Diane – was equally excited. She sent us this text after her third week on the Challenge…

I am down 11 lbs this morning! Do you hear me? 11 lbs! I have never lost much weight w/o birthing a baby until now. If you need me I’ll be on cloud 9.

I left out the smiley emoticons. 

One couple… the same Challenge… different focal points of excitement.

They represent just two people that are regaining their health. We just happen to know them.

The 30-Day Challenge just might be that new beginning you have been hoping for.

The 30-Day Challenge Guide is absolutely free. Simply fill out the form below and click ‘Submit’ to download your copy.

And there is more. After you get your copy of the Guide you will have the opportunity to also receive 7 emails supplementing your study. And we have a Product List made specifically to go along with the Challenge.

Additionally we have some exciting and informative videos that you can watch online. And you will be able to contact us with your questions.

And… It’s all free.

But there's one more thing. Because we think the 30-Day Challenge is that good for your health... and because we want everyone to know as much as they can about what taking the Challenge can do for them...

We are offering a free consultation to anyone who is considering investing 30 days to take the Challenge. 

When you download your copy of the Challenge Guide, you will receive a follow up email containing our email address. Use it to send us a note asking any question you like. And, after you study the Challenge Guide you can use that email address to schedule a time when we can answer all your questions.

Relax, the consultation is a very casual opportunity for you to ask your questions and pick our brains about how the Challenge can help you.

And with the consultation we will send you the 30-Days to Fit Guide. It is a step-by-step guide to beginning your Challenge for a lifetime of feeling better.

Which particular foods to avoid and which to include as you put together your diet for the 30 days. Which products you need for the Challenge and how they fit into your daily diet. More information like…

  • Suggestions on what to eat and when. 
  • How to plan your meals. 
  • What substitutions you can make. 
  • Helpful websites. 
  • Seven simple steps to get started. 
  • Discussions on healthy fats, high fiber carbs.
  • A meal plan and shopping guide
  • Which local stores have what foods. And of course… 
  • Some recipes.

Don’t miss out on this. Why wait?

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It is a great opportunity to begin recapturing your health.

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